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about us

After 12 years of work in the field of architectural and interior design , we decided to launch our Glamorous design company , to provide integrated design services starting from design concept ,through the architectural and interior design, ending with the implementation work and the furniture industry .
We believe that every project should have its own identity related to the client and his requirements, in addition to the location features . 
Excellence in our work is linked to the boldness of presenting unique, practical and smart ideas using the latest technologies and materials used in the field of design.
We have a highly experienced team of engineers, interior designers, administrators and craftsmen working to meet the client’s needs and achieve his goal of design, in terms of quality, ideas ,budget, ending with high execution works .

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Our Philosophy

Creating smart solutions and  apply them on the design with a mixture of luxury and sophistication , this is  the main driver of our company

our philosophy
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We work hard to fit the interiors seamlessly with the architecture of the building, creating a clear style and character for the house..

Interior Design 
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We provide modern sustainable architectural design, complete with engineering and interior design services.

Architecture Design 
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Meet Our Skilled Team

Mohiedden Abdelghany

Mohiedden Abdelghany

[ Architect ]
Ahmed shaban

Ahmed shaban

[ Interior designer ]