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In the modern world of decoration, you should step out and be more creative. With over 2,800 hotels across Turkey, it is time for you to go creative and attract more with your personalized vision.

And what a perfect way to write down your story other than on the walls of your own hotel? Hotel interior wall design is something that many skip, but you should understand that an atmosphere is never complete if not surrounded by a perfect wall.

Modern Walls, Elevated Touch

Your walls are more than just a way to separate and give more privacy, they are your storyteller, your personal opinion and the ideal artwork finish for your picturesque interior view.

But how can you add your own vision and taste to your hotel walls? Here are some ideas that can help you make the creative canva of your own hotel walls:


The most powerful indicator for sophistication and the overall mood of the room is the texture of the wall because let’s face it, smooth paint is never creative and it steals away the vibrance of the vibes.

Break out of the normal, go extreme with your creativity and imagination, try unique patterns of wallpapers, exposed bricks, wooden panels, or even velvet that complements your sophisticated style.


Color variations depending on your goal and the vision of your interior style, you can try nude palettes or white if you are choosing minimalist charm or the cozy nautical theme, whereas dark shades embrace your gothic style and abstract art.

If you want more elevation or change you can mix more colors to provide an ideal experience of visuals for your guests, and you can also spice it up a little more with the jewel tones which are the ultimate luxury indicators.


And what a great way to blend it all together than by choosing the perfect glow? Lighting is the maestro of your symphony of colors and textures that perfectly harmonizes every tone to create the most pleasing scene.

Make it strategic to highlight your wall features, emphasize textures with a soft glow that shows their aesthetics, brighten up every dark corner to further present the beauty of your wall shades.

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 Hotel interior wall design

Key Features you Should Never Skip in a Hotel Interior Wall Design

Although your goal is to please your customers eyes, you should also guarantee functionality for a whole satisfying customer experience, so take into consideration these factors:

First: Durability

Your walls need to be strong, to withstand days and nights of different conditions and seasons, poor-quality texture or wallpapers won’t make your pocket happy!

Second: Maintenance

Opt for elements that are easy to clean or won’t appear dirty or untidy, to be easily wiped for more functionality and resistant to collect dirt, dust for fingerprints and smudges easily.

Third: Light

Although lighting is crucial to complete the whole picture, do not make it too much because walls should be the frames of art, not the main character or otherwise your rooms will look smaller.

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Features in a Hotel Interior Wall Design

?What’s Hot in Hotel Interior Wall Design

You should constantly modernize your own hotel walls to stay ahead of everyone else, and here are some 2024 ideas that you should definitely include in your hotel walls: 

Storytelling Artwork

Scatter your story and vision everywhere in your hotel, make your walls speak the untold stories, describe your vision and perfectly reflect your own vibes.

Futuristic Technology

You can never forget a space full of technology! Replace old manual curtains or remotes with hotel automation systems, make it easier and a better experience for everyone with simple App clicks!

Eco Chic and Nature

Unleash your addiction and obsession over nature in the form of plants and earthy elements everywhere, let the positive energy float around every corner of your hotel.

Embracing Texture

Textures are the real deal of 2024, step into the train of trends with all the hot textures, from bricks to velvet, slap brush to popcorn, or even sand twirl, texture will always speak loud.

Culture Fusion

How to make it more welcoming and personal? Add a touch of culture! It can be the Moroccan mosaic tiles that make the real difference or the indian-inspired prints, making your walls the ultimate canvas of creativity.

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Hotel Interior Design

!Accessorize your Hotel Interior Walls with These Ideas

Accessories are the missing pieces of the puzzle, complete the whole picture with these ideas:

– Art collections that precisely set the mood of the whole view of each room

– Handcrafted canvas which add the perfect touch of cultural flair and statement

– Mirrors for an enhanced effect of vastness, more light besides a visually appealing experience for the guests

– Vintage souvenirs that are the perfect way to personalize your space and tell stories

– Travel mementos to create a sense of history, ideally reflecting your adventures

– Living walls is the new trend that is apparently here to stay, embrace it to the max

…Remember: Less is More

Escape from crowdedness and clutter with less walls, therefore creating peaceful spaces and larger room for more creativity and visual appeal, here are some ideas to minimize the number of your rooms’ walls:

– Sliding wall partitions is the greatest idea of all time to further organize and provide more choices of privacy for your guests

– Glass walls that build the ideal connection between your guests and the outside world, providing an exceptional experience of freedom.

– Partially open walls to embrace the open-concept living in which lines between rooms are technically blurred.

Upgrade your Hotel Interior Wall Design with Glamorous Design Company

Guests of today are looking for what’s unique, they are seeking new experiences and different visuals, and that is exactly what we will do to your own hotel!

We are dedicated to transforming your hotel into a luxurious and personalized den, where every customer finds solace and tranquility, experiencing an unforgettable journey and he’ll definitely come back for more!

Time for a change! Give us a call now and let’s start the process of renovation today!


?Do hotels have thick walls

Privacy is important, therefore walls should be thick enough for a more joyful and comfortable hotel experience

?Do hotels use drywall

Drywall is a great choice which provides low maintenance and can be easily decorated and go along with every interior theme

?Why does hotel interior design matter

Because your customers should feel different, a new ambiance that they crave to go back to

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