Luxury Hotel Room Interior Design, A fancy Oasis

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A luxury hotel room interior design is where experiences are created, it has a crucial rule on the client’s imagination and should adhere to his expectations, pleasing and fancy, vibrant and sophisticated.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of a luxury hotel room interior design, mentioning all the aspects that you should consider, and every detail that matters to you and your client.

Make A Lasting Expression With A Luxury Hotel Room Interior Design

So what attracts your guest’s attention the most? Which type should you consider when renovating your hotel? here are the types of interior design which gives the luxury vibes all the while please the eyes:

First: Transitional Style

Transitional style is the perfect blend between modern and classic, you can create an elegant space with contemporary touches, here are some brilliant ideas to create a luxury transitional hotel room theme:

  • Color pallets
    • Start off with neutral-colored walls like cream or beige, introduce pops of color in wall paints and artwork framed in a gold or silver or even jewel-tone color for diversity and contrast.
  • Furniture
    • Choose furniture with clean lines and simple shapes, you can dramatize the look with velvety fabrics that represent elegance and tone down or soften the look with linen pillows and cashmere throws.
    • Choose a nightstand with a mix of materials like wood and metal, and a headboard with a classic style with a tufted fabric twist will definitely complement the style.
  • Decoration
    • Include plants and fresh flowers for vibrance, mirrors for a glamor touch,  elevate the bathroom with plush towels, fluffy bathrobe, black and white or gray marble, rainfall showerheads and a spa-like bathtub.

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luxury hotel room interior design

Second: Art Deco Style 

Bring in the old Hollywood glam, introduce shiny materials, dark colors and luxurious fabrics, include geometric shapes and artwork, here are important features to have in your luxury hotel room:

  1. Color Palettes
    • Embrace the art deco theme with jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst, or ruby. You can also incorporate black, white, and gold for a bold effect.
  2. Furniture
    • Curved sofas with polished wood are the perfect adoption of art deco, upgrade with the luxurious ambiance of silk and velvet, and don’t forget to spice it up with velvety animal prints.
  3. Decoration
    • Create an artistic combination of geometrical shapes in each rug, wallpaper, throw pillows, or even furniture upholstery, choose glamorous finishes like the charm of chrome and nickel.
Art Deco Style Hotel

Third: Classical Style

Create the feeling of timeless elegance with the classic charm and traditional details, where warmth and formality combine together alongside the attractive details to create a piece of art:

  • Color palettes
    • Choose luxurious neutrals like ivory, cream, beige, or pale gray, and intensify the tone with jewel tones like navy blue or emerald green, and don’t forget the crystal chandelier and white light bulbs to perfect the whole view.
  • Furniture
    • Embrace the breathtaking charm of traditional upholstery like cabriole legs, rolled arms, and tufted upholstery, decorate with fancy velvet, damask, and silk and finish with grand headboard with a crown molding.
  • Decoration 
    • Balance the vibes with classical oil paint of landscapes or portraits, vintage drawers or a long clock, Incorporate a few well-chosen antiques, make it an organized exhibition to perfectly reflect a precious era of elegance.

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Classical Style

Fourth: Nautical Style

Who can resist the relaxing charm of coastal style? Choose the shades of sea and the breathtaking combination of earthy elements and minimalist decoration, make a long lasting luxurious impression with these tips: 

  1. Color pallets
    • Connect the sea with shades of blue, white and sandy beige as a foundation to your room artwork, and intensify the theme with turquoise and emerald green.
  2. Furniture
    • Incorporate classic nautical stripes in blue and white on fabrics, rugs, or even wallpaper, and count on the weathered chic wooden finish for a sense of tranquility, similar to sea waves.
  3. Decoration
    • Embrace natural elements and greenery effects, add more striped pillows or throws or even wallpapers in corners and don’t exaggerate with lighting, a table lamp or ceiling lamp will do all the magic.
Nautical Style

Fifth: Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style is an effortless sophistication, it’s the perfect blend of minimalism and mid-century modern style, where simple elegance collaborates with fancy comfort to create a luxurious masterpiece.

  • Color palettes
    • Go for a base of warm and inviting neutrals like cream, beige, light taupe, or pale green and decorate with pops of color like muted sage green, sky blue, or lavender for a touch of farmhouse charm.
  • Furniture
    • Create the perfect blend of distressed wooden finishes and iron accent which elevates the ambiance, and emphasize the tone of luxury with linen, cotton, and wool in neutral tones and classic farmhouse patterns like plaid or gingham.
  • Decoration
    • Keep it minimal chic with touches of vintage here and there like artworks of botanical prints, and don’t forget practical additions like a decorative metal coat rack or a woven throw blanket basket.

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Farmhouse Style Hotel Interior Design

Sixth: Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is an everlasting charm, embracing the vibes of serenity and sophistication with clean finishes, monotone color palette and simple elegant decoration.

  1. Color palettes
    • Choose a monochromatic base of white, black, or a cool gray to create a clean and sophisticated look, tone it down with a vibrant accent wall, a statement piece of artwork, or a luxurious throw blanket.
  2. Furniture
    • Create an elegant atmosphere with clean lines, sharp angles, and a focus on functionality, decorate with leather, polished chrome, or sleek wood finishes that express your elegant style.
  3. Decoration
    • Make mirrors your statement, embrace unique shapes and patterns, limit accessories all around and declutter as much as possible, you can add minimum sculptures for more vibrance. 
 Minimalist Style Hotel bedroom

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?How to design a hotel room interior

It depends on your style, but focus on the decoration, wall shades, and different side wall prints

?What is in a luxury hotel room

Dilux furniture, fancy artwork, and lush fabrics like linen and velvet

?What sets a luxury hotel apart

The use of high-quality fabrics and clean finishes, creating a perfect combination of comfort and elegance

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